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Need a new logo design?

Omni Design has a proven background in creating logos for large to small companies on any budget. Our understanding of  a wide selection of industries helps us tailor a logo that is right for you, your business and your clients. Omni Design offers a "no fuss" solution with a proven track record of getting the brief right. First time. Why not give us a go?

How long will my new logo design take?

Generally, depending on the design complexity. We can turn a custom logo design around in 3 to 5 working days. Need it sooner? Give us a call!

Some would say ‘it’s just a logo’!

Don't let this be your first mistake in establishing your Company! Under-valuing the importance of your company logo design and a good well developed brand could be or could cost you sales. Trust us, we have seen it all before. Your stationery, signage, print communication and website tell people a lot about who your company is.

Why Does my business need a Logo?

A companies logo design is the most important marketing tool when establishing a new or revitalising an existing business.
After an initial consultation to firm up your logo brief, you will be supplied with logo concepts to consider and provide feedback.

Omni Designs finished logo art work is supplied in JPG as well as EPS format, this covers you for all your logo needs and uses in the future.

We can also design and print your corporate stationery and style guide to ensure your brand is consistent for any other future advertising you may undertake. We design brochures and websites as well!
For a no obligation quote and consultation for your brand new company logo and corporate stationary contact Omni Design today.

What Are The Benefits Of A Good Logo Design?

Logos are an important part of branding. Providing initial information about a company and its products. But they also serve a broader role in marketing a business. So what distinguishes your business and products among others?

Every business has a logo that represent their company. Some good, some bad. But they are an integral part of consumerism, and therefore essential for promoting a business. Good logo design is about conveying a company's goods and services, along with values and benefits. The aim of a logo is to create a visual identity of a company, that reflects all those key elements that make up your business. It assists consumers in understanding what type of products/services your company provides.

Leaving the audience with a profound image of a business in their minds that ultimately helps them identify your company amongst the crowd.

Benefits of great logo design

A Logo serves many benefits to a company. It plays an important role to promote a business or company.

  • It gives a visual identity that customers identify with,  informing them what products and services the company offers.

  • Shapes and colours are easier to remember than names.

  • The best logos are simple and pleasing to eyes, but most importantly. Memorable.

What our clients have to say!

  • Dion Vojkovic, DV Photography

    I had Omni Graphic Design create my logo and design for my business cards and am extremely happy with the outcome. He took the time to listen to my needs and come up with some great options before helping me to pick the winning design. His work is amazing, both quick and accurate to my requirements. I couldn't recommend Shayne from Omni Graphic Design enough to people.

  • Peter Shaw, Shaw Shot Photography

    Thank you so much for the fantastic service you gave me with my logo and business cards. You could not have been more helpful and I appreciated your swift service with such short notice from me. I was amazed that you even researched my business on my website etc to get the essence of my style and brand and nailed it. I will certainly be asking you to do my design work again. Not to mention, I love the results you produced. Thanks again mate.