Time for a new logo design?

June 03, 2014 by in Branding

For every business there comes a day when the “new car smell” has worn off it’s logo design, and a company starts to ponder if it might be doing itself an injustice for itself and its current future potential clients. Sooner or later, most businesses need to adjust – or completely redo – their branding. Below are seven signs that it may be time to rebrand your business. Contact Omni Design if you require Logo Design and Branding Services.

1. Your Logo has dated and no longer represents the Brand Image you wish to portray

Everyone has a friend that can use photoshop, and often when we start out in business budgets are tight. But the resulting logo can date quickly and may not reflect the values of you companies short to long term goals.

2. Your Brand no longer appeals to your target market

Remember, your identity is an extension of your business personality, your goals and values. If you don’t reflect this in you brand presence, you have a tuff sell before you even get in-front of a client or customer. You brand needs to be “Sticky” attracting the right people to your products and services.

3. You tell people what you do and they just don’t get it

What response do you get when you tell people what you do?  Do people comment on your Business Card when you hand them out? If the answer is no, then its probably time to rebrand, consider a new logo and business cards as a starting point. You and your brand should be understood and desired. When

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